July 14th, 2004



The Wheelchair person is Aeris. me and my friends figured it out. No Symbolism, shows it, but HInts at it, nothing to do with the pictures. And there is a reason, why she is cloaked and in a wheelchair. She has lost her mind. Ok, here's the whole story, instead of me babbling.

Whe Cloud let go of Aeris, and into the water she goes, her body somehow makes it to the lifestream. The Lifestream has incredible powers, such as reviving. Aeris is revived, but has Mako poisoning like Cloud did. Hence the Wheelchair.

Now two things I can't figure out.

Has she lost her mind, and she wants to kill CLoud?

Or is she trying to see him again, and wants them too bring him too her. hence the fight scenes.

quick question

So why all this fandom for Kadaj, and not the other two silver-haired dudes? (Whose names I...don't even know due to them never being mentioned XD)
I'm just wondering.
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Aerith coming back?? What I heard...

Okay, I've been reading about the theories of which Aerith coming back. Well, here is what I've heard and what I think about it.

I think that Kadaj, Loz and Yazoo are trying to bring the Black Materia that Cloud has to the person in the wheel chair - who seems to be Sephiroth - to bring him back so that he can once again gain his strength back and try to do whatever he wants with the world once again. Also, since the movie is said to only be an hour, I think that the movie is set up for a new game, but I seriously couldn't say.

I heard that they weren't going to revive Aerith. I know this b/c I live in Japan myself. But, it could be another rumor. I wouldn't know until I saw the movie when it comes out, which should be soon since here in Japan they have comercial ads everywhere you go of the movie.

They say that Aerith only comes to Cloud in visions to lead him to the Sephiroth clones and in memories. I also heard that since Sephiroth really isn't dead, the planet is still trying to recover itself while draining life from the children, and this causes them to get the GeoStigma sickness.

But then again,,,, that's what I heard. And some of it has been confirmed. Personally, I'm glad that Aerith isn't coming back,,,,, I truly don't like her so much, but I can stand her. The thing that annoys me about Aerith is the fact that I don't like her with Cloud. And, yes, wouldn't it be cheesy if she were to be revived and then live happily ever after with Cloud? I think so. I want to say that I mean no harm to the Aerith fans, and I don't see the need to get angry, since I'm really not bashing her in any way. I like Aerith a little, but I like Tifa more. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, aren't they? Moving on. I thought I should edit this entry just to let most know this. This war between Aerith and Tifa fans is crazy here!

Happy readings! Remember peace, love and tranquility... Heh.
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