July 10th, 2004

Devil May CGI

No Love For the Cetra

(Warning: Rant ahead)

Okay, there's a trend I've been noticing here as of late, and I find it disturbing...

Namely, WTF is up with all the Aeris hatred?

I can understand not wanting her to come back to life because it would rob her death of its meaning, but not wanting her to come back because you don't like the character? That's just mean and petty.

I can understand why some people wouldn't like her. Then again, I fully understand why people may not like Tifa, Cait Sith, Yuffie, and even Cloud! However, I find it strange that no one's complaining about their presense (or celebrating the lack thereof) in AC (speaking of Cait/Reeve and Yuffie... I still think they're going to be in AC-- we just haven't yet seen the screenshots to prove it!).

So, to clarify my position: I don't want Aeris to come back, but it's not because I have anything against her. I certainly don't dislike Tifa, despite whatever flaws she may have; she's a very important character and I'm glad to see her in AC. And I most especially don't want Sephiroth to come back to life either, despite him being such a cool villain in the original game.

Please leave Aeris in peace. Hating her won't get you anywhere, and it certainly won't affect what her presence in AC will turn out to be.
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Theories at the moment

Wheelchair-guy=Hojo, Sephiroth
Silver-Haired men=obviously clones born from Make Energy.
the children=you probably noticed the "children" stuff in the movie. I think it comes from when Sephiroth died, the power he had was then recycled by the lifestream and given to the children born after the happenings of Sephiroth. Remember that Bugenhagen said that Spirit Energy is recycled by the Lifestream? Think of the children as Sephiroth spread out through a large number of people.
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(no subject)

Do you think Zack will have a role in FF:AC?

It looks to me like he will. On the first trailer that was released, it showed Cloud at Zack's deathplace planting the Buster Sword there. I read somewhere that it is a Japanese tradition to do this, and of great honor to the dead. Think Cloud wants his revenge?
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Sephiroth. o_o;;

I'm wondering what kind of role would you like Sephiroth to play if he IS in the wheelchair?

I don't want him to be the villian anymore. That's all I know. I think the whole idea of hunting him down and killing him twice is overrated. XD!!

Any views? @_@
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Advent Children Game!?

The only info. I have on this topic:

RUMOR: A 'game' might be released of Advent Children where at certain parts in the movie you can actually -fight- the other characters. So a movie which could be interaction.

Or so I heard.
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