July 6th, 2004

Even in Death

My thoughts:

Reno - Yeah, you're cool. Whatever.
Rude - Finally, a character featured in AC that isn't ultracool and didn't recieve a total character makeover.
Cloud/Tifa using phones - Yeah, I suppose PHS wasn't cool enough, and I figure someone's lining their pockets with advertising money right about now.
The Clones - Hard to pronounce, and they all look like pansies, which is a shame, because they're clones of Sephiroth.

Seriously, if they revive Zack or something, someone at Square-Enix is going to die. I'm seriously starting to wonder whether my interest in this is masochism or something, because the more I hear about it, the more I wonder if it's just going to be like FFTSW... slightly interesting, a showcase for Square Honolulu to do their thing.
I won't be completely on their side with this kind of an idea until they actually make a new game, like they should have in the first place; aw, poor Square, having to make a new graphics engine! Dammit, why not take an existing one from a past game, and paint over it with new stuff? Worked for Spider-Man 2, worked for X-2, why wouldn't it work for AC? Square has no reason to bitch about this, and, personally, I think Square-Enix is just in this to whore this fandom out for money in the millions.
I swear, they'd be so better off to make a game - I mean, they're freaking making Before Crisis... Ugh, you know where I'm going, so I'm going to save you all the crap.
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