June 29th, 2004



Hello there o_o!

I joined this community, actually in hopes of learning more about FF7 and of course FF7:AC. See, I never finished FF7 (Yes I suck, okay? xD!). But now with AC on it's way, I think I might at least attempt to. Right when I saw the japanese and then the english trailer, I totally fell in love with AC <3

Yeahhh, so there's my intro post. Hi o.o;

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Hi all. Just joined.
I'm actually at camp, and convinced my friend to download the AC trailer (all like 6 versions that there are) onto her computer. It was great, because everyone in the room goes "oooo....pretty..." at the same time whenever we play it.
(Yes, there are like 6 version. Mayne are just slightly different, but I'm counting like with and without subtitles...etc...)

On the American AC website there is the theories page, you all know? With the 'what do you think about the WCP....SHM....etc' threads. Well, if you read some of the theories it is rather amusing.

My favorite is that someone thinks Cloud might be the WCP... and hit me with a dead fish if they are right... but last time I saw him he didn't need a wheelchair.

Below the cut is a theory my friend and I pasted together. Yes, this is actually just a way to waste time at camp.
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If you haven't seen the Japanese website, GO.
Its much prettier and more informative than the American one (I find).
Its a square-enix related site if you can't find it.

So pretty *squee*
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