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25 June 2004 @ 01:39 pm


new pics, but not just new pics, new characters (sort of!)



Also it looks as though Cid is in a big city, could this be junon! I doubt its Midgar seen as it got destroyed and there are people walking in the background!
LukaZ: the Cinematic Megalomaniac
25 June 2004 @ 04:17 pm
Ok, flame me all you want and say that my mother dresses me funny for not knowing this already, but what is Final Fantasy VII Before Crisis?

filmlife used to be adventchild13
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25 June 2004 @ 04:53 pm
I have decided to share these with the everyone here( seeing how they are all FF VII related,and all but 2 are advent children)No direct linking and credit me. Enjoy everyone. 1.
2. under the rugCollapse )
LukaZ: the Cinematic Megalomaniac
25 June 2004 @ 05:39 pm
According to the article found in this month's issue of Gaming Review Monthly, Final Fantasy VII's VINCENT will make an appearance in Kingdom Hearts 2, along with other Final Fantasy characters, including the already mentioned (and pictured) Auron, of FFX, and Cloud Strife, of FFVII. No mention was made of how Vincent would be used in KH2.
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