June 20th, 2004

Introducing Velvy!

What's up people? Huge Advent Children fan here. XD Oh wow--beautiful layout! I foresee Yazuu communities in the future. *Grin* Anyways, I'm just posting to say hi, any Cleris fans out there (yes I use that word, "Cleris") let me know! <3

Coincidentally the day I join is the day I give my journal an Advent Children makeover. XD All them silver haired guys, cept Loz. *Pats him* Poor guy, I like him and all, but... *Ahem* Anyways! If you check it out, let me know what you think as only an Advent Children fan would know. ^_~

This song btw, for some reason, it totally reminds me of the three SHM. *Grins*
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