June 10th, 2004

saigo no dansu

:D fanartness~

As builder, moderator and advertiser of this group's lovely mod's site, I reserve the right to tell you all to go check out her amazing art website! ( that and I just spent the entire day rebuilding it. T-T;;; )

So yes! Towards the 100's on her tablet section there's some sketches of Sephiroth & other FF chars (in fact, I think number 100 is Urbanized Seph). :D So this post was not completely off topic!

Anyway, listen to my ~*shameless plug*~ for Krystal's art and go check it out and play on my brand new tagboard plz. T-T

And if you start getting bandwidth messages (which I know you will) please be gentle. T-T Just bookmark it and wait a couple hours~!

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