June 7th, 2004

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Okay, let me just put in one more restriction..

The picture is with only one or two people. No more than that. T__T It's really hard for me to draw more than that in a scene, and like.. me being a junior in high school.. my time is like.. kaput. Yeeah.

ALSO! If you agree with someone else's request can you post your request anyway? It makes it a lot easier to tally up stuff ^^

YAY, Comment please!



I swear if AC doesn't come out soon I'm gonna hafta kill someone. I'm too impatient, to just sit here and wait for it to fall out of the sky, and hit me on the head. No aint gonna happen. Yes I sound greedy but I don't care. *in the words of GIR, with modifications* 'But I neeeed AC. I need it or I'll explode. I do that sometimes.'

Also, what would you guys say, if I grew my hair out and cut it like Cloud's *grins*
Yeah I know I'm a big fan of Cloud.
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