May 21st, 2004


FO Banner.


Got a Friends Only banner for ya all.

Don't know how to put it behind an LJ Cut, even though I'v ebeen told a million times, but here ya go.

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Credit somehow if ya take, and I love comments.
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Thanks to the magazines: V-Jump and Dorigma, also Tetsuya Nomura for the newly provided info.

All foreign versions of FF7AC are not to use the English synchronisation(the relation that exists when things occur at the same time) Whether this refers to release the in Europe, are well-known yet; anyway Nomura seems to make this decision relatively early, if one considers that the development progressed not yet particularly far.

I suppose this means that the USA release is will not be the same time as the Europe release - obviously! And whether the decision to bring AC to Europe has been made - No it has not!

Much confusing, however, we learn that the film will be 70 to 80 minutes long! In past news posts( ) it told us the movie would be 60 minutes long, our apologies to anyone that we doubted.

All speakers were already selected...translations have already begun?(Not too sure, because of the translation)

Because Nobuo Uematsu is far too busy, there has not been any music created for the movie.

We have heard rumor to AC only being playable on Sony Products, however according to this it is suppose to appear on DVD. There are other possiblities in the works, such as internet and T.V. At this point I don't know what that means.

Since development costs were down, the DVD will appear at a low cost.

The fact that Kadaj, Loz and Yazoo in a picture with the Shinra Logo are to be seen is not to be coincidentally like that; obviously thus also a connection with Shinra exists.

The motorcycles that the three possess do not have as many cheat and technical tricks as Clouds motorcycle.

The church plays a historicial role in the movie. Marlene could become likewise important for history; it is to be to time with Tifa, which worries as well known about orphans

The speech, which holds Kadaj opposite some children, is to resemble that, which explained a "SOLDIER member with silver hair" once.


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Hey...does anyone know where I can download/stream the new AC trailer? Wasnt it taken of had it on my comp, but I had to delete it, and my comp just got fixed so Im dying to find it again somewhere....

Thanks muches to anyone who can help!
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From some website...

Sephiroth Clone (7)
The real Sephiroth was created by Hojo of Shinra. However, Hojo continued his experiments in an attempt to make another Sephiroth. All he got were brain-dead vegetables who dressed in black cloaks (he gave each of them a numbered tattoo). The clones can be controlled by the real Sephiroth's mind (the true Sephiroth is encased in Mako in the Northern Crater). He can also change their appearances to look like him. Therefore, any "Sephiroth" met by Cloud up until the very end of the game is only a clone.

I always forget that!! T_T It isn't very clear in the American version... either that or I'm just dumb.. (I favor the latter)

Anyway.. woot. I'm on a Sephiroth high. *plays OWA over and over*

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