May 16th, 2004



Is it just me, or does Cloud seem really subdued in the previews? Obviously not when he's fighting, but he seems almost tired. It could be related to the movie, but it seemed in the game that he was wild, almost -- certainly not pensive and subdued. I also don't see as much mako in his eyes as I would expect. He seems "zen," almost, or distant. Maybe I'm putting too much emphasis of the shot of him by his sword in the ground, where it's probably appropriate for him to look that way.
I'm wondering how much his fully-animated personality will match up to my interpretations of him from mostly text in the game. He doesn't look that much like the CG of him from VII, but that's probably a good thing. I really hope he's still insane, even if only partially. I want to see one of his schizo-bouts. No one at his level of insanity recovers completely. He should be more than just emotionally scarred.

Different note: Anyone know about the presence/lack of summons in the movie? Cloud should have the Knights to back his ass up against that trio, or Bahamut, or at least a nasty ultima + sneak attack, counter magic, MP absorb, HP absorb, and quad magic. ... And steal as well, just for insult value. :P
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