May 15th, 2004

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Fanfic Sequels to FF7

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Metabaron's post had me thinking... there's been a lot of fanfic written about FF7 since the game first came out, and a lot of these are sequels. I've written one myself, and have read a number of other "Post-Meteor" stories (including Resurrection Dreams).

With Advent Children on the horizon, I think that in regards to fanfic, RPGamer said it best.

So, has anyone else written any FF7 sequel fanfic, or would otherwise like to recommend any that they think is really great?
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Here some new information are out of the current editions of the Japanese periodicals Famitsu, Famitsu PS2 and The PlayStation 2

Summerized information from Famitsu Weekly Magazine:

- the man in the white robe probably has something to do with "Planet Scar Syndrome" ("Geostigma" in US version?)

- many people suffer from PSS, especially children -- the reason is unknown

- Tifa seems to work in "Seventh Heaven" again

- Vincent seems to know something important about the events in Midgar

- one of the magazines guesses that the enemy trio (Kadaj, Loz, Yazoo) is told by the man in the white robe to attack Cloud

- the trio refers to somebody as their "older brother" -- according to Nomura, it's one of the film's big mysteries who this person could be (he doesn't really answer the question whether it could be Sephiroth)

- Kadaj, Loz, and Yazoo are brothers, you could also call them "Advent Children"

- Kadaj can be calm and ferocious, childish and intellectual

- Yazoo is "aloof from the world," one could say

- although Loz doesn't look like that, he's rather childish, maybe a crybaby (all according to Nomura)

- the relation between Cloud and Tifa will probably become important, too

- Kadaj seems to be the key to the film's story

Famitsu will have more info at the end of June -- more details about the Turks, they say.

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