May 13th, 2004

sephiroth // me

A sketch...


Yes, I used a reference pic, and yet it still comes out looking unsatisfactory XD;

His hand is too big. And.. there's something wrong with his head. But I'm just going to color it and hope it works out somehow. =3=


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Taken from
"Advent Children & PSP Clarification
There has been additional information derived from articles on the PSP and it is now clear that Advent Children will be available on UMD (Universal Medial Disk) for the PSP when the PSP launches sometime in early 2005. This is in addition to the DVD release. Advent Children is still set to be released in Japan sometime Summer 2004."

Not quite sure if this was already posted or not, but anybody who was worried doesn't have to be (at least in terms of that) anymore.