May 10th, 2004


What you don't see...

I thought of this as a little joke. THis is what you don't see in FF7

Everytime Cloud does a limit break he has to put hair gel to make sure his hair is perfect.

Barret's story isn't true, he chopped his hand off himself, ebcause he thought it would be cool to have a gun in his arm.

Tifa doesn't like CLoud, but she's in love with Vincent

Aeris doesn't actually get killed by Sephiroth. (Haven't decided what the reason of her death would be yet)

Nanaki still hates his father Seto

Vincent was never part of the turks, its all a big cover up story, to make him look cooler

Cid curses more in private then you get to read

Yuffie's arm isn't broken, and never was.

Sephiroth was in love with Aeris, and that's why he TRIED to kill her.

I think that's everyone.
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OK! this is really annoying me and i think it's some kind of glich do u get choco bill to let u put your caught chocobos in the choobo stable!?!?
i rented out one, i have chocobos, and i ask him to move them in. then when i'm done, and i try to feed them or something he says me stable is empty!! what did i do wong!/ someone please help!
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