April 22nd, 2004

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Let me share my thoughts on Advent Children.

I think all of the main characters will be in it except for Cait Sith, mainly because he was giant stuffed toy and I can't see Reeve still controlling him 2 years on!

I think the person in the wheelchair is a Jenova clone and so are the 3 silver hair dudes.

Aeris will return in some spirit form, she appears as a ghost on disc 3 in the Midgar church in FF7 so you know!

Sephiroth is dead, I hope he is seen as I spent a lot of time chasing him around and finally killing him, so I would be annoyed if he comes back cos I would have wasted my time!

One thing I would like to see in Advent Children is how Red XIII manages to have kids ,(or cubs),(or whatever they are!), seen as he is the last of his kind!
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| Advent Children Testing Waters for Square Enix's New Vision |


GameSpot features an article on Square-Enix's vision for the future. The article references Advent Children, indicating that perhaps this is their long-rumoured "interactive movie". It appears they are putting a lot of hope in Advent Children as a sort of a platform for a brand new concept and a litmus test for something bold and revolutionary.

Click the link for more info.

It confuses the heck out of me. But. Sounds... uhm. Frikkin revolutionary and insane. ^__^

-Moderator <3
sephiroth // me

Just thought you'd like to know, if you didn't...

Your moderator draws. ^_^

Lookie. A pic of Sephiroth. With earphones on. And a smug look on his face. Why? I have no idea. Some speculate it's because he's pissed at technology. Others have said its what he does while you're doing side-quests. XDDD Oi, one earphone is bigger than the other. Must fix. And color...

ANYWAY, ENJOY! Please comment! :D

-Your Moderator

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