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22 April 2004 @ 10:49 am
Let me share my thoughts on Advent Children.

I think all of the main characters will be in it except for Cait Sith, mainly because he was giant stuffed toy and I can't see Reeve still controlling him 2 years on!

I think the person in the wheelchair is a Jenova clone and so are the 3 silver hair dudes.

Aeris will return in some spirit form, she appears as a ghost on disc 3 in the Midgar church in FF7 so you know!

Sephiroth is dead, I hope he is seen as I spent a lot of time chasing him around and finally killing him, so I would be annoyed if he comes back cos I would have wasted my time!

One thing I would like to see in Advent Children is how Red XIII manages to have kids ,(or cubs),(or whatever they are!), seen as he is the last of his kind!

GameSpot features an article on Square-Enix's vision for the future. The article references Advent Children, indicating that perhaps this is their long-rumoured "interactive movie". It appears they are putting a lot of hope in Advent Children as a sort of a platform for a brand new concept and a litmus test for something bold and revolutionary.

Click the link for more info.

It confuses the heck out of me. But. Sounds... uhm. Frikkin revolutionary and insane. ^__^

-Moderator <3
Your moderator draws. ^_^

Lookie. A pic of Sephiroth. With earphones on. And a smug look on his face. Why? I have no idea. Some speculate it's because he's pissed at technology. Others have said its what he does while you're doing side-quests. XDDD Oi, one earphone is bigger than the other. Must fix. And color...

ANYWAY, ENJOY! Please comment! :D

-Your Moderator

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22 April 2004 @ 10:14 pm
The almost colored version is at http://www.livejournal.com/~lvcifer/