March 23rd, 2004


Just a question

I hear so many theories regarding FF7. Most of them, I'm not foolish enough to believe, like the 1/35 soldiers theories and the Aeris-resurrection theories.
However, I am playing it through once again (as said earlier, I'm jotting evidence that Zack and Cloud are one, kinda like Fight Club). And, well, my whole problem with it is that it's so ridiculously easy (always has been, but playing it alongside FFXI just brings it out) -- and I'm remembering an old forum theory: that the more tissues you accumulate, the harder the battle arena gets. This is hard to test unless you collect a ton of tissues, fight through the arena, sell them all, and try it again. It's not worth my time if it turns out to be false...
So, does anyone have a take on this one? Have they heard it from a reliable source, or tried it out?
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