March 22nd, 2004

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I'm just curious.
If they were going to remake Final Fantasy 7, how do you think they would go about it?

Do you think they would just upgrade the look or do you think that they would add a few things as well (storylines, magic spells, ect...)?
Even in Death

Rant: Aeris Gainsborough

Okay, disclaimer, before anyone jumps on this and tries to flame me:
I'm aware that there are people who just don't like characters. I, myself, do not like Squall, I do not like Selphie, I do not like Qu, I do not like a lot of characters. That, though, is the sign of good characterization, because you can actually like or dislike them based on their actions, their personalities. There's characters some people really like - I love Sephiroth, I love Kain, I like Zidane, I really like Cecil, I love Rydia, shit, there's a ton I like, too. What you all have to know that I know opinions are subjective, and not everyone thinks like me.
While that's true, you have to be open-minded, able to approach other ideas with a "well, shit, maybe they've got a point" or a "hmmm, that doesn't sound logical to me, but perhaps it's something I could ponder" attitude. Not everyone thinks like you, either, and not everyone should be expected to.
I might not be online for a long time, so I better get this out now, where people can see it:
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Ok... this is soo off topic

This is so off topic as to Final Fantasy VII, but not Final Fantasy in general. The airship music on Final Fantasy VI.... for those of you who have played and know what I'm talking about... is it just me or does it sound like Nobuo Uematsu watched too many episodes of shows like the "Love Boat" for that? I can just see that playing on some show of that nature...

I had to post this random though somewhere, and since maybe one or two people on my friends list know anything about FF, and a lot of people here do, I figured I'd see about how many of you agree or think I've lost it because its 2:30 am.
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Custom picture?

Hey, first real post I make in this community. I already replied to one or two posts, but I've been a member for a while, and I read almost everything that is written in this community.

I'm writing this now because I've noticed those very cool custom pictures with a black box at the bottom and a "equip->(special materia)" command written in it. I just wanted to know who makes those, because I'd really like to have a customized one. Just post a comment and tell me if you are willing to create one for a fellow FF7 fan.

Thanks in advance.