March 16th, 2004

Random thoughts before bed

So, I watched the FMV where the support pillar falls on Sector 7 and then you see Pres. Shinra looking down below at the destruction. Then it cuts to a shot of the Shinra tower. Very powerful symbolism there, how a simple shot of Shinra tower after the plate fell pretty much defines the power and force Shinra have even more-so than we already knew.

And if this hasn't already been done and I'm out of the loop, I wouldn't mind seeing stories like FFVI and FFVII go to novel format, or just any other Final Fantasy period. I don't mean the kind of novels that come out when a movie was released with pictures from the movie in the middle, or short little books that some people release about episodes from a tv show.... but like a real novel series (i.e. The Vampire Chronicles... Lord of the Rings.... etc. etc.). They certainly have awesome characters and stories for them.

I've also come to the conclusion that I don't like any of the female characters in FFVII, well the characters in your party. If anything, Jenova could be my favourite "female" character in general. My ex and I were discussiing our favourite characters from FFVI and that's when I realized don't have one for FFVII. Yuffie is just.... Yuffie. Aeris is supposedly 22 (so says my Japanese import book on the game, where the only thing in English is the stats) yet she acts like a 14 year old high schooler, and Tifa.... never quite liked her to begin with.

And a friend of mine tells me that Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles is the sequel game for FFVII, and that everyone knows that. Is that true? I haven't really paid much attention to that FF release. If it is somehow a sequel, then I need to start catching up on things. I haven't had enough time to do such research on it or much of anything in the gaming world (college kicking my ass... ), so I thought I would ask so someone can fill me in on all the stuff I'm missing.
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N00b ^^;

Hey, I've been watching this community for a while, but i just joined recently...and i just wanted to share info that might or might have not been said already...but i was watching the latest AC trailer, and i had paused it and accidentally scrolled back...this was on divx...

and you see a flash of a girl's barely notice it while its playing, but it's at 53 seconds. Pause the movie and just scroll until you get to it, it's right there, no tedious super slow scrolling required ^^

anyways i was really excited to find this and i hope it hadn't been said before, perhaps some theories on WHO this could be?

//edit// actually, i screen capped [i have no other good screen cap program ^^;;]