March 14th, 2004


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Ok yes I finally figured out how to post in the community haha

Ok so my name is Jeremey, and obviously I'm new to the community, i don't know much about advent children, for limited resources, and crappy computer, but I do know I can not wait for it to come out.

I played FF7 more times than I can count, i still play it because so far that is the best RPG that I have found. So obviously I cant wait to see what this holds

I think thats all I can think of to say right now, because I'm about to fall over in my chair from sleepiness.
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Here's a discussion that has nothing to do with sequels and remakes :D

This should make for a good opinion collector. Final Fantasy VII is definitely my favourite RPG of all time, and since It was my first Final Fantasy play, It automatically hold a dear place in my heart. (awe :D). But here are a few questions that I thought of while playing Final Fantasy VI (released as Final Fantasy III). I guess I was comparing the two while I played it, since my ex and I have "discussions" on which is the better FF- 6 or 7.

The questions (my answers will be in italics):

Favourite part in the game that you could play over and over?

The raid on Midgar was my favourite, I guess because since after you leave Midgar you don't really go back to it at all through the majority of the game so Its kind of like revisiting It. And Its just fun beating up on Hojo, Proud Clod, and the Turks.

Least favourite part that you wish you didn't have to do?

I suck at Battle Square, so I tend to just stay away from that unless I'm in the mood to earn some Battle Points. But I don't really like doing the strategy game thing at Fort Condor, probably because I had to do it twice when I accidently knocked into my Playstation and somehow froze it when I was almost done with it. >.<

Favourite Character that was NOT in your party?

Hmmmm..... I always liked Reno from the Turks.

Favourite FMV sequence?

Probably the Sephiroth/Jenova/Nibelheim Sequence. I'm not a big Sephiroth fan, probably because everyone kept telling me before I played the game that he was so bad-ass and awesome and I found that he was just a little dissapointing on the "bad-ass" scale. That's just me however. But, I will give him props for the whole Jenova/Nibelheim sequence, Just because I find the whole Jenova thing fascinating and It was one of those really awesome sequences that really defined a strong moment in the game game.

If there is anything that other RPG's (FF or not) had (special powers, summons....etc.) that you wish was in Final Fantasy VII or do you think It fine the way it is?

Hmmm.... Well, since I'm playing FFVI at the moment, I think the magitek armor is cool and how in the beginning of the game when Locke gets some mogs to help fight was cute, but I think the way the summons, magic, materia....etc. works just fine without anything special, because that's just an essential part of the game and what makes It FFVII. Knights of the Round would make an awesome sequence to remake.

Everytime you play the game over again, is there something new you discover that you either forgot about or never knew that it was there?

At Costa Del Sol, when everyone is resting and there are kids playing soccer, you can kick the soccer ball and have It hit Red XIII. lol. I think that's the last thing I discovered that I never noticed before, on accident, the last couple of times I played it.
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sephiroth // me

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I totally forgot about that guy, Dean. DEAN. REMEMBER HIM? THE GUY AT COREL PRISON THAT KILLS HIMSELF AND HE KNOWS BARRET OR WHATEVER. He's got the gun-arm, too.

I so don't remember.. is he Marlyn's real father? Is that what that was all about?? Wow, blast from the past.


FFVII Humour

I found this the other week or two and was glad to have read it again, because Its probably the only fan-fic that I have ever read that had me laughing so hard I thought I was going to bust a vital organ or something of the sort. There's 5 parts, its unfinished, and Hojo has a twin brother named Ralph. Its DEFINITELY worth a read. ;D

What the #%$&^-!, part 1
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