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13 March 2004 @ 03:02 pm
I guess I gotta state this.

I have to demand only one thing from all of you; PLEASE respect each other's opinion. Even if someone might be totally wrong in what they're saying, approach it kindly and not with an attitude. This is simply a precaution so that we all have a good time and not argue, okay?

I want this community to just be fun for everyone, and the only that that'll happen is if we respect each other.

Thanks, everyone. Take care.

13 March 2004 @ 05:53 pm
Just curious to see if there's anyone who, like me, does NOT want to see Aeris in the movie. I always hated her and I do not want her to be there... not resurrected, not as a "spiritual guide," not as a dream, not as anything. To me, it would make the movie worse, because I thought she was such a hideous character, and she's dead and gone and everyone seemed to be over it. Of course she'd probably be mentioned by Cloud or Tifa <3 or something, but the idea of her being in it, especially resurrected, is ridiculous. Thoughts?