March 13th, 2004

sephiroth // me

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I guess I gotta state this.

I have to demand only one thing from all of you; PLEASE respect each other's opinion. Even if someone might be totally wrong in what they're saying, approach it kindly and not with an attitude. This is simply a precaution so that we all have a good time and not argue, okay?

I want this community to just be fun for everyone, and the only that that'll happen is if we respect each other.

Thanks, everyone. Take care.


(no subject)

Just curious to see if there's anyone who, like me, does NOT want to see Aeris in the movie. I always hated her and I do not want her to be there... not resurrected, not as a "spiritual guide," not as a dream, not as anything. To me, it would make the movie worse, because I thought she was such a hideous character, and she's dead and gone and everyone seemed to be over it. Of course she'd probably be mentioned by Cloud or Tifa <3 or something, but the idea of her being in it, especially resurrected, is ridiculous. Thoughts?