March 11th, 2004

Time for an Intro

I'm Jess, new to the community and all, and I think I'll throw in a discussion thing here that was spawned after a comment I'm making on the last post that generated a few comments. :)

Instead of making a sequel game and letting the DVD be the sequel to end everything, has anyone thought of just having Square re-model the FFVII game to be up to date and display the same graphics of the DVD? Not saying to replace the old version, because I'd definitely want to still have that available to me in case of a freak accident with my PS version (kinda like what happened with my PC Version disks), but just have a "re-release", so to speak. Not changing a single thing about the Storyline, Missions, Places you go and everything.... just merely doing a graphics update. That way, if for some reason your favourites don't get in the sequel (I'll tell you now I'm anxiously awaiting to see some Turk action), you could see them in the game. I think that might be a better solution than to just having a sequel game, for fear that a sequel wouldn't have that same gripping magic that the first one had, and there's always the risk of losing some of the magic from the original with new graphics and movie scenes.

You can only do so much with a sequel, and add so many new things, before you start changing the game altogether. I don't think I would want It to turn into another FFX-2. Sequels for me on anything haven't been all that great, and if they decided to turn Cloud into a singing pop star... That just doesn't do It for me. Sephiroth on the other hand.... might prove to be quite humorous.

There has yet to be a FF game that captured me enough to make me sit from 4:30pm to 2:30am on a holiday, only getting up a few times to get something to eat or use the bathroom, just playing the game until my eyes hurt from trying to keep them open. Now that's love. (or sad obsession.... your pick) :)
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