February 28th, 2004

I want beer

New breed of random toughts

I've always wondered....you know how some say vincent is a possible father of sephi.....yeah.... well like I've seen many Yaoi of Sephiroth and Vincent....fanart, fanfics and doujinshi.....so isn't that yaoi and insest if that's true? If you think about it...its really REALLY wrong. And even so, if hes not, Sephi'd be messing with his mother's guy! That's wrong too! XP o well I love lookin/reading SephixVincent...pleasing to the mind and eye, it's just if u sit and think about it it's wrong.....

it's like 12 and it seems like i'm on crack. I'm so sorry XP
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Hey, I'm Edi and this is my first time posting in the community. Thought I'd introduce myself. Anyway, my LJ looks like crap, but I think I did a decent job on my xanga (Surly_Edi). What do you guys think about the Advent Children layout? To tell you the truth, I stole it from my brother's lj (Recreare). The only different is thtat I added the music, the little text on the bottom, which are quotes from the trailer.

Anyway...I'm glad to be able to introduce myself, and hope we get to know each other well in the future. You guys seem like a cool bunch ^_^ Hope you all have a good weekend.
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