February 1st, 2004


Later than sooner...

I know how impatient everyone is about AC. I actually happen to be quite the opposite. I'm excited, don't get me wrong, but far from impatient. This is a one-time deal, and I would like to see Square put as much time and resources as possible into the project. Spirits within took what, 4 years?! And it was beautiful, but otherwise lame. FF7 originally took a ton of time and resources, too. It showed.
Nowadays, Square usually spreads their staff pretty thin. Sometimes noticeably so. Not like FF7 when they were all losing sleep, and the company was funneling money into the project like mad. If AC takes 5 years, I don't mind, as long as it doesn't fade in and out of their view, and take so long merely because it's unimportant.
I just don't want to be disappointed by a rush job or factory-produced entertainment. I especially don't want to see a mere visual masterpiece that's better seen on mute or on drugs (*cough* Spirits). I know that Square holds FF7 as sacred, but that was their reason for not releasing a video game sequel. Could it be that this sacredness does not apply when making a movie sequel?
*wonders if he'll get arthritis from all the finger-crossing*
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