January 2nd, 2004

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I can't wait for Advent Children to come out. I mean, I'm really curious about what it's actually about, since I only have a very general idea. It just looks awesome, to begin with, and it's worth seeing for that aspect of it alone!

No, of course there won't be any fangirls drooling over Cloud or Sephiroth...no, of course not... >.>

Anyways, I'm looking forward to the movie. However, since I am not really keeping up with the latest news, does anyone know...

- if it is having a theatrical release in the US/Canada or a straight-to-video release?
- if any of the other major FFVII characters are going to be part of the movie
- and lastly, does anyone have a wild guess about when the movie might be released here?

Okay, that's all for now. ^__^
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Hey, I am new to this community but might as well post in it. The Advent Children Trailor is wicked awesome if anyone hasn't seen it I would be glad to foward it to you. Also I made some Final Fantasy VII Advent Children icons that are in my journal that anyone can feel free to use I would just ask that you comment and let me know thanks.
As always,
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I joined this community last night.
Pretty nice, now there's an AC community to chit chat about the upcoming film.
As I always say while mentioning AC, I'm very excited and impatiently waiting for it's release.

Nothing to worry about.

TheHawks have already announced that they plan on subbing Advent Children, along with GiTS Innocence, Howl's Moving Castle, and another film that doesn't come to mind right now. So we will be seeing it not too long after it comes out in Japan.
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This is old news I guess, but just in case people haven't seen this yet~


The official site. I have to say, I'm most excited about joining their little Shin-Ra organization. Joining Shin-Ra was always the coolest thought to me since FF7 the game. I had aspirations for making my own Shin-Ra Inc. when I grew up. *COUGH* :>

-Mod <3
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