January 1st, 2004

sephiroth // me

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Mod here.

Welcome to adventchildren_! Where all of your dreams and fantasies come true. (not really)

We at adventchildren_ are dedicated to bringing you the latest information about Square Enix's upcoming DVD, Advent Children, a sequel to the hit game, Final Fantasy VII.

Everyone is urged to share information, pictures, thoughts, and even fanfics and fanart if you wish.

<3 See you around!

-Moderator lvcifer

Love Children

Look Ero-neko. I joined, and I posted. MM.. FFVII: AC. If Sephiroth could appear to be any more of a woman than he did in the CGI video.. Well, honestly that's not possible [unless he had breasts, of course].

Now Ero-neko, you owe me some bastard children. Meet me tonight and we'll let the love commense. Yei for bastard children!

^^ Hios all. ::idle wave::
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sephiroth // me

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What character are you looking forward to seeing most in Advent Children (whether they'll be in it or not XD;) and why?


Me, personally, am just looking forward to Sephiroth.. yeah.. <3 I'm just a rabid fangirl.

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