Izabella (fukyuu_lolita) wrote in adventchildren_,

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*is quite sorry*

this is about my earlier post about the release date *^^*
a lot of people yelled at me for it...so i'm sorry.

My friend works for a video game magazine and she said that at her last conference, the date of May or around may 1st might be the release date for USA. I never asked about europe's or japan's release because...i don't live there *understandable yes?*

So I guess it's still a rumor for it's not straight out of the horses mouth.
She's been pretty accurate with other releases...^^;
Sorry to upset any of you but the date fits...so I thought it might be a sure thing ♥


note: i have changed will to might
no more harsh words...just a thanks or something simple ^^;;;;;;;
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