Der Chineser Pisher (assamite36) wrote in adventchildren_,
Der Chineser Pisher

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Got BC and AC Sephy poster in Taiwan

3/NT$50. w00t. Yay. (I got a FFX2 poster as the third one)

The problem is that I REEEEALLY wanted an AC Tifa poster at NT$550, but since my dad was so fucking cheap and didn't realize that I had my own money to spend and was an independent being, I had to skip over it. Unfortunately, I won't be able to return there off his watch, since I'll be leaving for Taipei tomorrow. Fortunately, I DID get the AC and Sephy posters.

Anyone know where I can find a Tifa poster in Taipei, regardless of price? My dad won't be around then to nag me about being frugal and whatnot.
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