Atreyu in Thorns (sears) wrote in adventchildren_,
Atreyu in Thorns

a theory.

I just had a sudden revelation that perhaps, Sephiroth's return in AC can be summised in the following lyric:

"veni veni venias, ne me mori facias" ... which translates into "come, come, o come, do not let me die", as I'm sure we all know.

and this is the theme that plays when Cloud is supposedly killing off Sephiroth, and yet he has to fight the mirage right after to banish him from his mind forever. but, we all know that memories don't die off that easily.

jesus, this makes more sense in my head, but.. Square put too much effort into FF7 to overlook something like that, so I'm assuming it was intentional. after all, Cloud is a failed Sephiroth clone - they are one in the same, and therefore Sephiroth will not die until Cloud does, and vice versa, explaining why Sephiroth managed to pull through even after being killed some six times.

or maybe I'm just crazy, your choice.

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