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Look! Mustard Oil >_>

Greetings my fellow AC goers,

I bring you insane bouts of pondering! And discussion points! (That sounded like my english teacher...who is a rather large fan of FFVII)

 There have been these questions that have been bothering me for the past few days, well they've actually been driving me crazy. And it's not the typical questions like "Oooooo! What was up with the ending of the game?"...I guess they're questions about things that go overlooked in the game. So...

1) I was in a discussion about CloudxSephiroth with a friend a while back, and she tried to convince me some crap about them being all up in each other in the game O_O. Other than saying things that really didnt matter, she mentioned something about in the Niblehem flashback, im the room with where Cloud and Sephiroth stayed in the inn (im assuming this was before Tifa and the Lifestream bit), that the room had only one bed.
I was just wondering, is that true or not? I would play the game over again, but I have nor the time, the energy, or even the motivation because I'm swamped with school work.
3) Did you ever find out what made Sephiroth really legendary? I mean he was the great swordsman..but that doesn't call for legendary. Alexander the Great was legendary...what did Sephiroth do to deserve that status? Other than that shiny silver soft hair, which goes to the other stuff about do you think there might have been a hairdresser working for Shinra.. O_o?
4) Does Reno really have a mullet?
Offtopic question: Does anyone else think that Fanfiction has really started to suck right about now, with the exception of a few stories?
Well, I guess that's all I have for now...>_>


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