Minus The Girl (ruby_poison) wrote in adventchildren_,
Minus The Girl

hi everyone, I'm new to this community :)
Unlike alot of people anticipating this movie, I just barely played FFVII about a year or so back. And even though I'm nowhere near as into it as my boyfriend is, I'm obsessed with this movie.
The graphics are fantasticaly done. As a fan of computer graphics, these have to be some of the best I've seen in a while!

I hover around advent children.net all the time reading theories and news. The theories are my favorite! I love all the possabilities for this movie :)

I'm curious about all your takes on:
Star Scar Syndrome (what is it?)
The blanketed person (popular rumor is that it's Sephiroth, but is it really?)
The silver-haired people (again, popular rumors all link to Sephiroth)
How they plan to integrate the rest of the FFVII cast into this movie (Barret and Vincent are shown, Aerith, and supposedly Tifa, RedXII, and CID have been "confirmed")

Anyone? I love to discuss theories!
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