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Chapter Two of Big Brother Sephy

Hello people, erm...for those who read Big Brother Sephy or wants to read a humor Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, I recommend Big Brother Sephy. ^_^ By the way chapter two of it has been updated and it's about the silver haired men, yes including Sephiroth's lives. It's funny. Yeah.

The fic is dedicated to all you silver haired lovers out there and especially pucchy_chicobo and goddess_jenova. ^_^ Please read. It's written by me and my cousin. Together. Well, actually, it's mostly written by my cousin but who cares. I was there with her! >.>;


For those who cant see it, here.

4 years later…

Sephiroth nearly looked passably insane and more overly stupefied when he woke up that, somewhat measured up to, joyful morning. It was indeed Little Kadaj's first day in preschool and Sephiroth's smile, if not seemingly already wide enough, broadened more to cover nearly half his face; making the sides of the corners of his lips nearly meeting the points of his small ears.

It looked absolutely scary!

Well… from where Loz and Yazoo stood, it did.

Very much so, and the two little boys couldn't bring their selves to walk the other way pretending not to notice, however tempted. But no, their feet's wouldn't carry them that far at all. Actually, in all times and places in the world, Loz and Yazoo were both staring at their Little Brother's assemble which absolutely looked like a sailor suit. A silly light blue colored one, at that. And it seemed to the two youngsters that Little Kadaj actually liked the cornflower blue sailor suit, despite being just four, perhaps he probably loved it.

Of the entire mother beeping things they could've have encountered seeing it had to be that scene.

They shuddered.

Sephiroth's smiled twitched rapidly and his left eye quivered as he caught sight of unfamiliar silver hairs. He could've sworn he's seen those two brats at the doorway before, but he couldn't quite place a name to where and how. Hmm, strange… they looked a lot like—nah; he couldn't have had "other" brothers. But nonetheless, he found it uncanny how during all those years, they were always there.

With him.

Maybe mother adopted them. He thought. Yes, he nodded, his stupid smile still twitching in that rapid pace.

His eyes narrowed.

His nose itched.

But his smile still twitched, in that weird rapid pace.

"Good morning Big Brother!" Yazoo greeted. His hair gleamed, his eyes shone, and he looked very much like a little……… girl?! No. It couldn't have happened; a sex change at the age of seven?! No.

Unless… dun dun dun!

Loz gave the similar "Morning," however not as delightfully sounding as Yazoo did. It sounded more like a grumble of curse words and swearing, but the damn greeting was there, so don't be too picky damn you!

Sephiroth's smile stopped twitching in that rapid pace, when brief recognition shown through his eyes. Hmph, now he remembered who these two idiots were. Yes, they were indeed his brothers or so they say, these were the two brats who nearly killed baby Kadaj four years ago!

Out of all the beeping idiotic beeping things…

Sephiroth ran a pale, cold hand over his face in mild exaggeration and nearly tipped over in the process. A tug brought him back from his misgivings.

Kadaj's big green eyes met his green eyes and the other two pairs of green eyes stared back.

It was an… uncanny moment.

As if Loz and Yazoo were never there in the first place, Sephiroth clasped his hands together, his fingers entwined and beamed, oh so brightly. "Right," he announced heading out the door with little Kadaj on his trail, and pushing his other two supposedly "brothers" out of the way.

The Silver Hairs made their way into the small, but tidy kitchen and Sephiroth hummed, yes hummed, to a very weird tune. As he made Kadaj's lunch, Kadaj ran off and joined Loz and Yazoo.

The little boy smiled brightly at them. "Look other Big Brothers! Isn't my outfit the cutest?"

Loz repressed a shudder and Yazoo… well Yazoo… uh just… blinked.

"Of course it is Little Brother!" Yazoo responded with fake enthusiasm, although it sounded believable, Loz knew Yazoo long enough to notice a difference. If he meant the comment, Yazoo would've been jumping and throwing daisies, yes daisies, everywhere! Pink daisies to be exact!

Loz gagged. Did Yazoo have to make such a voice? It was utterly disturbing. It reminded Loz of Sephiroth.

Loz's eyes widened and he gasped. "HOLY!" Having one Sephiroth was enough, but two?! He could've fainted if it weren't for Sephiroth yelling "Stop screaming, you'll make Kadaj turn deaf!" Heh, yeah right and he wasn't? Loz rolled his eyes in reply.

Sephiroth came to where the three were standing and he handed Kadaj's lunch bag, a light blue with a ship imprinted which perfectly match his adorable outfit.

Loz and Yazoo waited for theirs, but it never came.

"Uh," Loz started as he poked Sephiroth. "Where are our lunches?"

Sephiroth's brow rose and he pursed his lips. "Oh right…" He reached into his back pocket and pulled out two pieces of foiled wrapped chewing gum. "Here, you're lucky its mint flavored. I would've given you an original one, but I felt cheerful enough to give you mint ones."

And with that said, Sephiroth turned on his heels and led a happy skipping Kadaj out the door, to the world of today's hatred.

And left Loz and Yazoo chewing mournfully on their mint flavored chewing gum.

And there it started… chapter 2 of Loz and Yazoo's "Unfortunate Events", cough I mean… the story of the Silver Haired Family -insert last name here-.


Yeah, that's pretty much it. Until next time my fellow errr....people in the community!! -waves goodbye at all of you-

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