X (pseudomachine) wrote in adventchildren_,

Ok. Here we go.

Introductory posts are fine, as long as they are very short. It's not like this community gets a TON of posts per day, so I don't see why its really all that much of a problem.

As far as TGS-trailer-talk goes, I don't mind a couple of posts about it. Just don't go overboard I guess and post about it like 264216421614 billion times? Please?

Oh, and layout posts are ok, but when it's the only thing that you post about... yeah. I appreciate your offer, but I don't want to make a new layout for this community, thx.

....*head spins*

Can't think of anything else; it's 7:30 and my brain cells have been on a steady spiral downward since my senior year started. If you have any questions, please reply to this entry.


-Krystal J. Loh
aka your Moderator
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