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It's been a while since I posted, anyways. For those of you who are so surprised you heard Vincent's voice. It isn't the very first time. Most of you who have seen the Final Fantasy X-2 International Advent Children Trailer [longest title ever], have heard the narrator in the beginning of the trailer. The voice says exactly what Vincent said in the trailer in the same voice. Also, some people have been wondering about what Kadaj was bitching about when he was in the church. In the FFX-2 International AC trailer, the translated part of what Vincent says has him talking about how "they" got the head of Jenova. and in FFVII, when Cloud saw Jenova for the very first time in the Shin-Ra building, she had no head. Also, the transcript for the Venice Film Festival Trailer said that when he looked inside the box, Kadaj screamed "MOTHER!". This means that what's in the box is none other thatn Jenova's head.

PS: Stop posting these "hi, I'm new here" posts, I'm sure Krys [mod] is all for new members, but she doesn't need a new meaningless post every time a member comes.
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