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My Sick Yaoi Mind

Hey, for those who've seen that TGS Advent Children trailer, errrr, I was thinking about those scenes...mmmyess, my precious, those scenes! -eyes starts glinting- *_* Those hot sexy yaoi scenes where they talk to each other like they cheated on each other or something. But anyways, even though I didnt understand Japanese, this is what I think what they were saying. Hehehe, mweheheehahahahahaahA!

Scene #1: You know that scene where Cloud and Vincent were talking and gripping each other's arm...or, to say it more correctly VINCENT talking and gripping Cloud's arm tightly!!!! XDDDDDDDDD

Vincent gripping Cloud's arm: Have you cheated on me, Cloud?! You better tell me now 'cause I could smell his perfume on you!!!!!

Then Cloud showing his guilty look, ya, you know.

Vincent then gets up: Pathetic. I can't believe I trusted you. If I ever see you with him again, I'll kill him.

Scene #2: Kadaj circling Cloud. Ooooh >=D...

Kadaj, uhhh circling Cloud: So what did you tell him (Aka - Vincent), huh? Did you tell him about our affair?

Cloud frowns, he seems to be doing that alot: I haven't told him (Aka - Vincent XD) anything, yet. So were still safe.

Kadaj brings his sword to Cloud's neck: Bullcrap! I see the way you at him! And etcetra, etcetra.

(He's not really saying etcetra, but whatever, to scene #3!)

Scene #3: Where Reno and Rude gets beat up by Yazoo and Loz. Hehehehe, oh yaaah! *wink wink nudge nudge*

Okay, in this scene, hehehehe, I know you guys know what I'm thinking. Yazoo and Loz get's down with Reno and Rude XDDDD;!

I'm not sure who was talking but, Yazoo or Loz: Hahaha *insert a more insane laugh*. We finally captured them brother.

Yazoo or Loz: Yeessss brother. Now the reeaaaal fun begins. *insert a more, more insane laugh*

Reno and Rude kneeling down *wink wink nudge nudge*: O.o;;;; Uh... shit...

Mwahahaha, yeees... more coming soon >=D!
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