Brian Pope (recipefordeath) wrote in adventchildren_,
Brian Pope

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Hmm. Okay. Everybody seems pretty hyped up over Advent Children, as am I. Why don't we all organize an LJ-Advent Children get together? As geh, and dorky as it sounds we could plan kind of an Advent Children release party for different areas in the states? It may be kind of difficult to plan, but I'm all for putting my head together with the moderator of the communitiy and anybody else whom would want to help plan. It'd probably take alot of effort.
I'm thinking that we could set the date for the release of Advent Children?
I'm sure that some of you plan on getting together with other FinalFantasy: VII fanatics in your area and having a get together and watching the movie and such.
I don't know quite how it would work, maybe with some more input it would be possible? But if it's too far fetched, lemme know.

- Brian
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