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Wheelchair Man... Discovered?

From :) It can be found here, however:

The wheelchair man's bodyguards lie on the floor, writhing in the agony Kadaj has clearly delivered to them. Kadaj asserts how he must find "mother," and refers to the mysterious cripple as "Mr. President." -- We find Kadaj standing atop a skeleton of a skyscraper, which has either yet to be completed, or is falling apart. At his side is the President, who is in the deepest stages of Geostigma. Kadaj informs us that "Geostigma is what happens when the body overcompensates." What exactly this means has yet to be revealed, but what is already clear is that Kadaj is looking for Jenova, a.k.a. Mother. Down below, the scene is on the cusp of chaos, with the advent children standing in a circular formation, their eyes now cat-like, due to Kadaj's manipulations. As Kadaj finishes the last of his speech to the President, his face contorts into an evil smile as he holds his hand up, aglow with blue fire. --

So, it's not very hard to guess who the wheelchair man is, now is it? Actually, I'm rather disappointed, but oh well....

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