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I decided to throw together a list of VA's I'D like to see do the voices for a translated Advent Children.  Now, note,  these are some of my favorite voice actors, so not everyone would agree.  And the stuff in quotation marks is characters that they've voiced before, just to give you an example of their work.  ^^;  Gotcha?  Gotcha.

Advent Children VA list:

Cloud - Vinnie Penna (Sakuya Kira - Angel Sanctuary)
Tifa - Debbie DeRosa (Karen Joshua - Mobile Suit Gundam : The 08th MS Team)
Cid - Bob Bucholz (Hubb Lebowski - Wolf's Rain)
Vincent - Daran Norris (Vincent Volaju - Cowboy Bebop)
Barrett - Beau Billingslea (Jet Black - Cowboy Bebop) (big fucking DUH)
Aerith - Kari Wahlgren (Robin Sena - Witch Hunter Robin)
Yuffie Kisaragi - Christy Carlson Romano (Yuffie - KH)

...I couldn't think of anyone else for Yuffie.. so sue me.  -_-;

Reno - Scott McNeil (Duo Maxwell - Gundam Wing)
Rude - David Lucas (Spike Spiegel - Cowboy Bebop*)
Sephiroth - Brian Drummond (Zechs Marquise/Milliardo PeaceCraft - Gundam Wing) (Pardon me while I go shit my pants...)
Kadaj - Paul Dobson (Anubis - Ronin Warriors)
Loz - Crispin Freeman (Amon - Witch Hunter Robin) ( ::insane manic giggle of weird fangirliness:: o_o;  ...what?)
Yazu - Lex Lang (High Priest Zagato - Magic Knight Rayearth)

...I am forever getting the SHM all mixed up and confused, so I would suppose the VA's would be interchangable as well.  XD

(*-Because it's fast becoming a prerequisite that David Lucas/Steve Blum and Wendee Lee are in every friggin' dubbed anime KNOWN TO MANKIND.  ::fumes:: )

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