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Chapter Four of Nightmare

Ha. I finished chapter four of my beloved fanfiction Nightmare. I realize that I'm going at it with a rather slow pace; but I feel that it has better quality if I take my time a bit with it. ^_^

Anyway, this chapter is not a favorite, by far. And the ending wasn't exactly planned from the start. O_o;;

But I hope you all read it and like it anyway. ^_^

If you want the older chapters, then you should just go ahead and go here. o.O;;

Or the version. Haha.

Oh... And one line, near the end of the fic, is dedicated to my dear LJ friend Pucchy_Chicobo. Without her; Kadaj probably would have said something a little bit different. I hope she figures out which line, because it's really easy to miss. XD!!


Chapter Four

Written by: Chibi Sephy


Disclaimer: Must you all always remind me of the fact that I don’t own Advent Children? ;_;


As they walked down the remaining bit of the hallway; Marlene began to think of her adult friend, Tifa. The last time she had seen her, she had been unconscious, after her encounter with Loz. All Marlene really knew was that she had been injected with some mysterious substance.

“Yazoo?” She suddenly muttered quietly, to her very own surprise. Yazoo wordlessly turned his head back towards her; being as she was still lagging behind a bit. She swallowed deeply, and then asked the burning question that was suddenly rising up within her. “Loz…” She began, biting down a bit upon her lip, “He caused Tifa to be knocked out… After he used a needle on her. How did he do that?”

Yazoo froze suddenly, the expression on his face turning into one of slight shock. Unfortunately for Marlene, he decided not to answer; and instead walk forward again, this time at a slightly faster pace, his turquoise eyes glittering strangely.

Marlene didn’t quite understand these actions; but continued to follow him anyway. After all, there was a chance, however small, that she would find out more information….


After only a few moments, they reached the main room once again. This time, however, it was even darker, being as the remaining light that had come from the entrance had disappeared, because the night had came to their part of Gaia.

Marlene automatically gazed across the room; faintly hoping to see either Loz or Kadaj. She wasn’t entirely sure why; except she felt a light intuition-That is, if she saw them, she might could find out more about the mysterious reddish-green substance.

Of course, there was always the likely possibility that she wouldn’t find out about anything, but the positive apparently overrode the negative in her young mind.

“Yazoo,” She heard suddenly, coming from her left. She instantly recognized it as Kadaj’s voice. “How did your little tour of our ‘residence’ go?”

“Rather well,” Yazoo replied coolly, “No problems whatsoever.” He then glanced down at Marlene and smiled his ever-so-soft smile. Marlene bit down upon her lip at this; and looked down at the floor.

“Guess what Loz told me?” Kadaj said joyfully; acting as if he hadn’t heard a word Yazoo had said. Shortly after he had said those words, he ran towards Yazoo, grinning broadly.

“If it is about Lockheart being infected with Geostigma,” Yazoo stated tonelessly, “Then I already know.”

At this, Kadaj’s grin fell a few notches, and an expression of outright irritation replaced his look of maniacal glee.

“How did you find out already?!” He questioned; obviously wanting to know the source. Yazoo; instead of answering verbally, aimed a pointed finger down at Marlene. This made him turn towards her—And the look on her face made them both raise a curious brow.

“Geostigma?” She said hauntingly; gazing at them with troubled eyes. “But… Many people have died from that… Tifa might die….”

“Only those whom are weak die,” Kadaj explained quickly, a wry smirk edging its way across his pale face. “I wholeheartedly believe that she will survive this… ‘Challenge’, of sorts. Though, knowing her gigantic ‘justice’ streak, I think that she would rather be dead.” He then chuckled lightly to himself, in a style similar to that of the mysterious man in the wheel chair. Out of the corner of her eye, Marlene noticed that Yazoo’s lips became a firm line, and a cold glare had settled in his glittering eyes.

Marlene then averted her gaze; and looked, once again, towards the sadistic Kadaj.

“What… Does it really do, if they survive?” She asked quietly; her small face slowly becoming paler and paler in worry.

Kadaj abruptly stopped chuckling; and let his pupils fall over her again. He then wordlessly knelt down in front of her; letting his knees fall to the ground.

He stared icily into her hazel eyes for a minute; and Marlene had to fight a strong instinct within her that was trying to make her pull away from him as quickly as possible.

“You needn’t worry;” He stated in a tone that was barely above a whisper. “For there’s absolutely no point in it. Whatever happens—Whether to her, or you, is far beyond your control. It is all up to what fate decides.” He then raised his left hand, and let it touch the side of her dark hair. As he stroked her dark locks mindlessly; another small smile crawled across his pasty face; though this time he barely showed his teeth.

Marlene slowly began to feel her heart ease into a state of extreme frostiness. Fortunately, however, he soon edged away from her, and stood up.

“Where is Loz at now, anyway?” Yazoo asked, once his sibling was standing up straight.

Kadaj was completely silent for a moment, tapping his foot a bit, as if trying to retrieve some information from the back of his mind, that he had thought of as little importance before.

“He decided he wanted to ask the Midgarians about some… Things,” He replied; with a lame shrug. “I doubt that he’ll take too long; since he decided to actually wear a disguise this time.”

Yazoo only nodded as a response. Then, looking rather bored, he crossed his arms and sighed heavily.

“I wonder,” He said to no one in particular, “Whether it’s true or not about the fact that children take to the Geostigma better… Or is that just a rumor; created out of the fear that radiates from protective parents whom want to keep them isolated from the Planet?”

“So far,” Kadaj answered, sounding quite relaxed, “It seems to be true. It certainly seems that way; by any chance. They have a slightly higher survival rate than the adults do… Which, I must say, is the opposite of most… ‘Illnesses’.” He then shook his head slightly in bitter amusement. “I must say that they will indeed be great for the future… Our future, that is.”

Marlene looked towards Yazoo, expecting some kind of explanation of what Kadaj was speaking of.

However, he didn’t seem to be in the mood to contemplate this. He had him left hand to his temple; and his breathing was quite shallow and quick.

“Yazoo?” Kadaj said curiously; noticing his sibling’s current state. “The hell’s wrong with you?”

Yazoo didn’t reply; and instead fell to his knees, clutching his head with both of his hands.

“Please stop this…” He murmured lowly to himself. “Stop showing me these things…” Then, a nauseated expression came across his face…

And then, he fainted dead away.


End Chapter Four
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