Cynthia Ahmar (subaru_san) wrote in adventchildren_,
Cynthia Ahmar

Sims 2 requests and questions

So, as far as the requests go, there is this website which used to have objects and skins for FF7 and even CC, but now they're no longer up. Some of this stuff was uploaded to ModTheSims, where this person has the username sephiroth1; however, I don't know all of the items that they've made, but I did find a few. Among them were Zack's SOLDIER outfit, as seen here, and the Costa Del Sol hotel lot. Other items I've heard of by the same creator but cannot find any longer include: the Cissnei hair seen here and the Zack swim shorts mentioned here. I'm probably forgetting some things, but if you've downloaded content from this website, please let me know what it is.

Another item I'm looking for by MimeWhite is the Cloud outfit seen here. For whatever reason, the original outfit shown in the picture is not included in the zip on that page, only recolors of it.

I also have a question regarding Sims that I downloaded from ModTheSims. When I extract the package file of a Sim, sometimes I remove stuff that I will not be using, such as custom skintones. Then when I go into my game, I do not see the Sim I downloaded under the Existing Sims in CAS. Could the reason be that I'm excluding some of the files from the Sim's package file, or am I supposed to do something else first for them to show up in CAS?

Another question I have is that sometimes I will see a Face Preset file, but what exactly are those files? If I go into Full Face where I assume they'd be, I don't see anything that stands out. Since I am not too good at creating some Sims, I depend on pre-mades quite a bit when I'm not just creating a random Sim.

Another request I have, since the person who made it stopped playing Sims 2, is if anyone could recreate Angeal from Crisis Core as seen here.

And the final request relates to a creation by the same person who created the Angeal sideburns seen above. He made the following Zack hair. However, the teenage version has a bug and this fix was made for it by someone else, but the link is unfortunately down by now.

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