Damien Buck (sweet_lil_witch) wrote in adventchildren_,
Damien Buck

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Onward, Chocobo!

Yaay. I just joined.

But I've actually been looking at this community anyway. o.O;; I'm addicted to FF7.

FF7 was the first Final Fantasy game I've ever played. I played Kingdom Hearts before and, uh, fell in lust with Cloud so I was like, "Need. More."

Of course, I didn't expect the graphics to be so... Lego. But that's okay. I still love that game. I could play it over and over and never get bored.

But here's my problem. I am never able to watch an Advent Children Trailer. Ever. I've maybe seen the first official one in japanese where it's just Cloud, but that's all. I can't find a good site to watch a newer trailer with subtitles or other characters. It's driving me completely and utterly insane.

So... umm... ^^;; help would be appreciated.
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