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Final Fantasy Distant Worlds Ticket Sale

Mods, if this isn't appropriate, please let me know and I'll take it down.

So my friend is unable to make it to Chicago for the Distant Worlds concert and I'm hoping to sell her tickets so I'm not out 150 bucks.

I'm selling:

One ticket for the 2:30pm show on June 26. Main floor, Right Aisle 3, Row E, Seat 20.

One ticket for the 7:30pm show on June 26. Main floor, Left Aisle 2, Row K, Seat 9.

There's more information about the 2:30 show here and the 7:30 show here. You can click on the seat selector thing and see exactly where the seats are, as well.

The tickets cost $75 each and that's what I'm selling them for. I know it's short notice, but I'm really hoping there's someone in the area who can make it. I don't want to scalp tickets at the door! :C

If you'd like to take one off my hands, you can comment either here or in my journal or send me a PM. It's negotiable, but I'd like to get at least $35 upfront via Paypal to hold the ticket for you. We would have to meet up before the show so I can give you the ticket in person, though, and you can give me the rest of the money then.

Journal sales post
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