thisissaisai (rsasai) wrote in adventchildren_,

Look at our little Turkey--er... Turk!

As per usual, mods, if this isn't acceptable, please remove and I'll stop!

It's the Turkey Turk, Reno! Woohoo. Okay. I have to admit this-- out of every doll I've ever made, I love Reno's hair the most. It's a mix of dark red and red, and it's tied back, which gives it a lot more life. I just... I just love him, I think. Picking out his eyes were a pain, mostly because fandom can't pick whether they're blue, green, or a mix of both--so I gave him the mixed and decided to let that particular fight just skim right over my head. His goggles... oh, his goggles. They were so much effing fun to make, but I had to sit them just a little up on his head, otherwise they would have looked ridiculous. The only thing I really didn't like was the red marks under his eyes--they took forever and an entire thing of embroidery floss because I couldn't decide when it looked acceptable or not. 

So, as usual, what do you think?

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