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Nightmare-Advent Children Fanfiction-Chapter Three

This is the third chapter of my Advent Children fanfiction, Nightmare.

To see the earlier chapters, please go to the following links:

Chapter One

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And, of course, the Fanfiction.Net version.

Well, enough with the links. ^_-

This chapter is the shortest of the three, simply because I thought that giving more of the plot line away would simply draw the chapter out too much, and make an annoying read... Besides, I think enough happened in it anyway.

Anyway, I'm proud of this one, though it's not my best work description wise. I introduce the WCM in this one... And I must admit I'm rather fond of writing him. Sorry if he seems a bit lame to you all.

Plus, I show a little bit of Jealous Older Brother! Yazoo in this one. I didn't want him to stay so calm and collected all the time... Though he'll be that way a lot, still.

Enough with my chattering. Please go and read it! I will appreciate it!


Chapter Three

Written by: Chibi Sephy


Disclaimer: If this were something I owned, would it be here for all to see for free? I think not. ^_^;;


Marlene found staying right behind Yazoo remarkably dull, being as he rarely pointed out anything of interest. The only thing he did was remark on a few empty rooms or so, saying that she might be given the choice to stay in them later, as long as she behaved. They passed by many other doors; but they were all closed, and Yazoo didn’t bother to comment about them.

It was a good thing that Yazoo’s hair was such a light color, for otherwise Marlene would have never been able to locate him in the sinister hallway. He was entirely soundless, she soon realized. His footsteps were even lighter than her own, despite their obvious size and weight difference.

They continued to walk on and on; and Marlene was beginning to wonder whether this particular hallway would ever come to end. Now, even when Yazoo did speak, she didn’t even bother to listen.

Marlene turned her head to the right, though she kept toddling ahead. The part of the wall that she could see was gray and undecorated, and a lot of it had cobwebs sprayed about over it. She made sure to not near those; being as she had a distinct fear of all multiple-legged creatures.

She saw, out of the corner of her eye that they were nearing yet another door; and although it was open, the man in front of her didn’t say anything at all about it.

So, her curiosity overcoming her fear, she deliberately slowed her pace, and came to a stop right in front of this open entranceway. She then glanced over at Yazoo to make sure he hadn’t noticed her stopping. Fortunately for her, he hadn’t… Though it seemed he, too, had began to be a bit more sluggish. However, Marlene took this as a part of her imagination, and quickly ran as fast as she possibly could into the room.

Once she managed to reach the middle; she stopped and placed her hands on her knees, her heart hammering against her chest heavily.

“Who’s there?” Said a raspy voice suddenly, from a corner of the room. Marlene froze, her eyes widening, since she had not that there was anyone there.

In response, she simply looked in the direction that it had emerged from; not making any noise, being as she was now holding her breath.

Her eyes soon came across a man in a wheelchair, whom was covered entirely in a white sheet. Even his face could not be seen from the dank shadows.

“Who’s there?” The mysterious one repeated, “Kadaj? Is that you?”

Marlene didn’t answer, but once again her heart rate increased. She wasn’t sure why; being as she knew this man was in no way physically fit enough to harm her; but his very presence felt strong.

“No, Master,” Marlene heard Yazoo say from the door, and to her very own surprise, she felt no worry. “It is I, Yazoo.”

“Yazoo…” The cloaked one muttered under his breath, “Why are you here?”

He didn’t respond at first; but instead settled his gaze upon Marlene.

“I just wanted to inform you,” He stated quietly, a few moments later, “Of the capture of Marlene Wallace.”

Marlene could practically feel a sadistic smile crawling across the cloaked man face.

“Wallace?” He croaked happily, “You managed to capture the young one… Good, good, that will help with the plan… Yes, yes, it will….”

“P-Plan?” Marlene finally manage to stutter, “W-What are you going to do? I don’t want to be part of your ‘plan’!”

She then heard the man chuckle lowly, which caused his shoulders to shake quite a bit, which was the most major movement he had made thus far.

“You shall find out soon enough, I’m sure,” He offered as an answer, “But there’s no doubt that you shall… Ah… Enjoy it.”

Marlene simply blinked, and took a few steps backwards, already strongly detesting this new ‘plan’ of his.

“I don’t want to be a part of it,” She whimpered, “I don’t…”

The man simply laughed, sounding hollow and empty, yet full of insanity at the same time. She had never heard of anything like it in her entire life, however little it currently was.

“Come,” She suddenly heard Yazoo say, from right behind her, which didn’t startle her at all. He then turned towards the other, and bowed deeply, before grabbing Marlene’s right arm tightly, and exiting the room.

The cloaked man’s maniacal laughter could still be heard when they were long gone…


“Who was he?” Marlene questioned, sounded exasperated, as they went down the hallway in the direction of the main room where Kadaj and Yazoo had been introduced to her.

Yazoo didn’t respond at first; and Marlene has practically given up on an answer when he finally did speak.

“He’s my Master,” He responded in a voice barely over a whisper. “He created us—Kadaj, Loz, and me. Two years ago, right after the defeat of the supposedly great Sephiroth.”

Marlene stared up at him, surprised. He, however, was looking straightforward, as if trying to avoid what was behind him. He was even paler than usual; if that was possible.

She didn’t say anything more after this; knowing he probably wouldn’t speak again. However, she ended up being incorrect, being as he continued.

“I was the first; you see,” He stated hollowly, “And supposedly the most unsuccessful, in His eyes. Then there was Loz, and Kadaj. Kadaj is His favorite, by far. They were both given the capacity to age, and I wasn’t… I was the main experiment, because I was the only one of many that was literally made from scratch. I was truly Jenova’s only child, for a decent while. Until they came along. The both of them. When they both came into existence; I quickly became only an afterthought, whom is useful only from time to time.”

He then fell silent, and looked down at the ground, closing his eyes tightly. His breathing was uneven with anger; though it eventually began to slow down.

Marlene averted her gaze; hoping that this would avoid him flaring up at her. However; there was no true need to worry at all about it—For after only a few minutes, he was calm and quiet again, his head held high, his eyes wide.

“I would appreciate,” He said in a lofty tone of voice, “If you would not mention all of this to my brothers.”

Marlene could only nod in response, not quite knowing what she could possibly say.

“Good,” He stated at this, looking at her out of the corner of his eye, letting a soft, satisfied smile slide across his lips. “I guarantee you will not regret that.”

“I know,” She murmured, beginning to lag behind him, being as her strength was starting to wane. “I know.”


End Chapter Three
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