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It never occured to me that I wasn't the ONLY person on the planet that simply adores FF7 (I still cry everytime Aeris dies), and can't wait to see the sequel! With that being said, I'm a newbie to this community, and my USUAL brief intro is in order... *sigh*

The name's DK, a late twenties, hard-striving creative jack of all trades (mostly music and screenplays), and after MANY years of nomadic drifting, I'm stuck in the corn country-ass Mid West (but I'm originally from the ATL--Bankhead, AND I'M ON THE WAY HOME!!). Born and raised Wiccan... Just "a bit" ghetto gothic--I have silver fangs that I sport on occasion. Full of piercings and tattoos. Classic Rock fanatic--loves a good jungle/techno beat... Plays a few instruments, a writer... I don't know; that's about all I can think of right off. Anything else is in my user info or my journal... I'm a Tifa and Aeris fanatic, and Red XIII rocks! My FF7 dreamteam is always Aeris, Cloud and Red XIII, until Aeris is gone, then I get either Vincent or Cid!

Don't be scared to add me as a friend! I don't bite... Unless you ask nicely... Midgar forever!
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