R. Kasahara (blueshinra) wrote in adventchildren_,
R. Kasahara

Fic: Ghost Stories, Chapter Six

Title: Ghost Stories
Chapter: 6 - Interlude at Seventh Heaven
Fandom: FFVII: Advent Children
Characters: All major ones, plus some OCs
Pairings: Reeve/Reno
Rating: R

Summary: The sequel to Loveless. As Meteor falls and the Lifestream rises to meet it, the fates of the Planet's inhabitants are anything but sealed. Those still alive when all is said and done count their blessings, but the past—and the dead—linger on and manifest themselves when least expected.
Chapter Summary: Cloud's reunion takes place, where the silver-haired men are discussed.
Warnings: Language, violence, mature situations, death.
Author's notes: Here. Includes a synopsis covering major events from Loveless. Regarding this chapter in particular - a certain character really surprised me while I was writing this. I won't say who this character is, lest I spoil any surprises...

Previous chapters: One . Two . Three . Four . Five

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