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I'm guessing most of you have already read this cos you probably spend most of the time searching the net for info like me. I'll post it anyway...

New information has surfaced on the new Famitsu magazine in Japan with co-director Yûsuke Naora. With new news on Reno, he uses new techniques with his stun gun which possesses more of a shock-function when used with both hands. The Church in Midgar where Cloud first meets Aeris is more significant where memories of Aeris can be remembered and can lead to more of hints to maybe an appearance in real life.

The church is also significant in the appearance of the unknown creatures that battles Cid and Red XIII as they patrol the streets of Midgar. The church has also in relation to the silver haired trio, Kadaj, Loz and Yazoo. Advent Children will see a release date somewhere towards the end for 2004 on DVD and the PSP in Japan. No EXACT AND DEFINITE release date for the United States and other countries.

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