let her know. (morninglow) wrote in adventchildren_,
let her know.

Life ends for everything at one point or another. It's a dreary fact, but it's a fact none the less. You live through everything you can and eventually, you're met with an untimely demise. You've faced many perils in your life, but it seems there was one that you just couldn't get past.

You did your best, but your best wasn't enough. You're dead now, and all you have to look forward to is Hell.

Welcome to Sheol ♥ The Reaper has been waiting a long time for you to show yourself.

RP Premise | Applications and Reserves | Rules | F.A.Q | Taken Characters | Friend Add/Drop | Concerns and Suggestions | Housing And Sheol Map | Mun Contact (F-Locked)

OOC Community | Log Community | Application Community

FYI: We have a Zack in the role play and a Tifa and Cloud on reserve. It would be awesome to see some Turks and other FF/Advent Children related characters.
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