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Advent Children Fanfic--Chapter Two--Nightmare

This is the second chapter of my Advent Children fanfiction, which I have firmly dubbed 'Nightmare'.

If you would like to read the first chapter, please click here!

Anyway... Please comment on it! :D


Chapter Two

Written by: Chibi Sephy


Disclaimer: As much as I wished Yazoo was mine… He’s not. Nor do I own his brothers, Marlene, Midgar, or any of those other things. Sorry! XD


“Where are we going?” Marlene questioned, after a long while of staying absolutely still and silent. This whole adventure was making her impatient, and her fear was slowly starting to disappear.

“Nowhere,” Loz replied seriously, not bothering to look at her.

At the moment, they were on an old, completely deserted highway, that was in horrible condition. Every so often Loz would jump over a large pothole, which always frightened Marlene, being as he was still holding her in both arms.

Marlene simply frowned at his answer, her eyes narrowing in agitation. Loz then looked down at her out of the corner of his eye, as he stepped over a particularly large piece of rubble.

“Bored? Already?” He said; sounding slightly amused, hint of a smirk on his face. “Don’t worry, you won’t be for too much longer, for we’re almost there.”

This did not, by any means, reassure the little girl. She knew—or at least hoped—that Loz was past the point of killing her. But those two brothers that he had mentioned… Could they possibly be worse than him? At the mere thought of this, the same fear that had been in her before suddenly flared up again, causing her heart rate to quicken drastically.

“Ah, here we are!” Loz suddenly announced, suddenly veering to the right and kneeling down a bit to go underneath a gigantic metal bar, which had been torn down by Meteor two years before. Apparently this served as a sort of hidden entrance; because at the next moment they were in a dark building, which smelled suspiciously of death and decay. And Marlene, though she had never been in one, knew precisely what it was… An old laboratory.

Gleaming metal tables were scattered about everywhere, and the ceiling was decorated with a few long since broken hanging light bulbs. The lighting in the area was scarce—there was a tiny bit of sunlight emerging in from the entrance, and a few candles, which were only small pinpricks compared to what was truly needed to light the entire area.

“Kadaj!” Loz called out, moving his head a bit, showing that he was actually looking for his brother.

“What?” Replied a voice, which seemed far away. Marlene threw her head about frantically, searching for where it came from. No one was there.

However, a moment later she spotted a door, which seemed to lead into a hallway. Being as it was in the general direction of where the voice had emerged from; she guessed it had come from there; and she calmed down a bit—though only a little.

“I’ve got her!” Loz responded quickly. This was almost automatically followed by the sound of pounding footsteps, which came from the direction of the door.

A moment later, a man emerged from the door. He was much shorter than Loz; and not to mention he looked a lot younger as well.

For one thing, he certainly wasn’t what Marlene had pictured him to be.

Like his brother, he was clothed in all black. However, his hair, though the same color, wasn’t at all short—it came down to his shoulders, and some even fell lightly in front of his right eye, to the point where it could hardly be seen.

Once the new man came up to her and Loz, Marlene couldn’t help but begin to hold onto Loz tighter—something about this newcomer scared her, even more so than Loz had at first.

“This is the one we needed, right Kadaj?” Loz questioned; quickly noticing Marlene’s clinging onto him with small annoyance.

Before answering; Kadaj reached out a hand, and grabbed Marlene’s chin roughly, thrusting it into his direction. He stared eye-to-eye with her for a moment, and then nodded once.

“Yes… This is definitely the one the Master wanted,” He finally replied, a sadistic smile crawling across his face. “Hey… Let me hold her for a moment,” He then said shortly afterwards, in a slightly blissful tone of voice.

Loz simply nodded, and forced Marlene off of him easily, even though she had been holding onto him for dear life. He held her in mid-air for a moment by her armpits, before Kadaj reached out and grabbed her, and then pulled her close.

“My dear,” He whispered into her ear, and a shiver automatically rose up Marlene’s spine, “Don’t worry—we aren’t here to kill you. Otherwise, Loz here would have done so already.” He then threw his head back and laughed; and when he finally stopped, the noise continued, being as the room echoed everything back.

Marlene still didn’t say anything, and by simple instinct, started shivering. Kadaj smiled softly at this, and then, surprisingly, let her down upon her feet.

“If you try to escape,” He said silkily, crossing his arms. “We will kill you. So, if I were you, I would stay.”

Marlene nodded rapidly, her hazel eyes wide. At this, Kadaj turned away from her, and looked around.

“Where’s Yazoo?” He asked to no one in particular, once he finished examining the room. “He should have heard you.”

“I did,” Said a low voice from behind Marlene. “I just didn’t feel the need to state my opinion on the matter.”

Both Kadaj and Loz turned in the voice’s direction, looking right over Marlene. However, she simply froze, not trusting herself to glance in his direction.

Unfortunately, the last brother finally decided to join them, and strolled over to them, coming to a stop right behind Marlene.

“It’s so nice to actually see you again, Yazoo,” Kadaj said sarcastically, “After what—days?”

“Don’t exaggerate—it doesn’t become you,” Yazoo replied easily, trace of amusement in his voice. “Well, enough about my absences. So, this girl is the one we needed?”

Kadaj nodded, and then grasped Marlene by the shoulders, turning her around so Yazoo could see her face.

Marlene’s heart seemed to stop when she stared up at him.

“Sephiroth…” She whispered mindlessly, for that was indeed who he favored, even more so than the other two. Of course, she had only seen the insane one in pictures, but she knew his image well enough to compare him to this ‘Yazoo’. His hair was almost the same length, though it did have a different texture to it. Not to mention his eyes were the same shape and color, which only added to the similarities.

Yazoo didn’t comment on this; and instead gazed at her strangely. Kadaj, however, seemed to dislike her calling him that, and grabbed her arm and squeezed it hard, causing her to cry out in pain.

“Yazoo,” He said, his voice sounding constricted. “His name is Yazoo, not Sephiroth.”

“Y-yes sir,” Marlene responded, biting down upon her lip. Kadaj then let go of her arm, and she simply let it fall by her side.

After a few moments of complete silence, Loz finally spoke.

“So what are we going to do with her?” He asked; looking towards Kadaj.

Kadaj leaned forward a bit, curled his fingers, and placed them under his chin; acting as if he was concentrating on something.

“Yazoo,” He stated lowly, “I think you should be the one who watches over her until we need her.”

“Me?” Yazoo responded, tilting his head to the side a bit. Kadaj smirked a bit at his reaction.

“Yes, you,” He said evenly, “After all, you don’t do much anyway. You’d make a perfect… Ah… Babysitter.”

Yazoo snorted in irritation, but instead of replying verbally, he closed his eyes and looked down.

“Fine,” He eventually said, though not making much of an actual movement. “But if she gets in my way, I will immediately forsake the duty and give her to one of you.”

“Good!” Kadaj declared, clapping his hands together in earnest, as a false smile replaced his smirk. “That’s taken care of then. Now, my dear Marlene, I would really appreciate it if you would please go with Yazoo, so he can show you around the place. Meanwhile, Loz and I shall have a nice little chat while you’re gone.” He then turned on his heel to face Loz, his fake smile from before disappearing.

Yazoo shook his head softly, before walking off, using his hand to signal to Marlene, so she would follow.

When she noticed this, she swallowed heavily, but obeyed.

“Just stay by me,” He told her when they were standing outside the hallway Kadaj had emerged from earlier. “It’s going to be darker in there than here, being as there are no candles or windows.”

Marlene nodded in understanding, and waited for Yazoo to continue.

Although he didn’t say anything more, he did go through the door. Marlene rushed after him, being as he was taking long strides.

As they walked further along, Marlene soon was well aware of Yazoo’s warning.

For it was indeed very dark.


End Chapter Two
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