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Wheeeee! Icons!

Oh wow! My first community post! Anyway, I have made some icons that I hope you enjoy....

I love the way these turned out.

Continuing on with the Staring Out into Space!Yazoo theme...

Yazoo: Hey, I’m not spacey! I’m just cool and collected.

Kadaj: Yazoo, you’re about to ride into a pothole.

Yazoo: Where?....AAAAAGHHHHH!!!

Moving on... I know that the three boys all look like Sephiroth because they’re clones, but of the trio Yazoo bears the most uncanny resemblance.

Sephiroth: Now now, we don’t gnaw on our Masamune.

Yazoo: But I like the way it buzzes against my teeth!

And finally... why does Kadaj seem to be staring so intensely into the distance?

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