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Adrian Grenier Community's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Adrian Grenier Community

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[03 Apr 2011|01:10pm]

Ryan Phillippe, Olivia Wilde, Elisha Cuthbert, Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr., Kellan Lutz, Adrian Grenier, Hugh Jackman
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[20 Dec 2010|08:54pm]

Ryan Phillippe, Kellan Lutz(over 100 icons), Sophia Bush, Adrian Grenier
+ ryan/others; kellan/others

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[27 Dec 2009|02:34pm]

Eva Mendes, Matthew Mcconaughey, Adrian Grenier, Elisha Cuthbert, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Joss Stone, Chris Evans, Terry O'Quinn, Zac Efron,  Olivia Wilde, and Salma Hayek.
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My thoughts on Cecil B. Demented... [13 Aug 2009|07:56pm]

Are on my journal:
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Alter Eco [02 Aug 2009|03:10pm]

Netflix has this one, and at the risk of talking to myself further(and feeling like Adrian's publicist:), although I'd make a good one for AG, because I like what he does and think he is a nifty "product", as it were...I didn't go into PR for a whole host of reasons, and one was that I don't fake it very well.If I love something, I can make you love it, but there isn't a switch in my head where I could generate that if I don't have it.)
That said, you should watch Alter Eco...it's a nice introduction to a number of important environmental concepts, such as sustainability and how community members can help each other out...it's sort of like Queer Eye, but green.
Much like Queer Eye, though, many of the solutions presented require a production budget, but it did make me think of small things I might do to use less energy and so forth.
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The Adventures of Sebastian Cole... [20 Jul 2009|12:50pm]

was pretty phenomenal, and no, I'm not just talking about Adrian looking all '80s, although that is seriously hot--much better than I remember the vestiges of that look that came into Phoenix as being, but...(And if I were to put in a special era request, I'd really love to see him working the glam thing...guyliner and the whole bit)
The film itself was awesome, though...it's funny how quickly one comes to see "Henrietta" as a. a woman and 2. The best parental figure our Holdenesque Sebastian really has...he was very good, too.
I can't believe anyone fell for that "Karate demonstration" either, but maybe he was right and they are all idiots.
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Just watched "Return to Queens Blvd" and don't have HBO... [17 Jul 2009|07:44pm]

FUCK, indeed!
(I knew he could act. Ironically, I think AG's got the same problem as Seth Green during the Buffy days...he plays a mellow guy and makes it look easy. So of course it must be, right?)
Even if he couldn't, more female directors would probably mean Vince is never out of work...it makes me smile that Dana Gordon, industry badass(LOVE HER!) is a Chase fan.
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Things I Wish I Had The Guts to Write to the Anti-Grenier Women at Jezebel. com, and a question [13 Jul 2009|05:08am]

[ mood | silly ]

There are a lot that are pro, too, of course, and even with the antis, I know who you fancy(as our English friends say,LOVE THIS,btw...American English has no equivalent, and it's a real poverty in our language, leading to sentences such as "I know you like Eric, Sloan, but do you like-like him? Which is just wrong, imo)
is deeply personal, and much like what's funny, is so subjective that my opinion on the matter probably wouldn't influence anyone, but as I was reading along for Grenier-posts, occasionally someone would write:
Bathe. or Take a shower. about a photo of him.

Which made me want to say:

a. a somewhat casual(or even sloppy,) personal aesthetic does not necessarily translate to a lack of bodily cleanliness. Because I'm clean...I just, you know, dress like shit without a clear incentive not to.

and b.
I'd be happy to take one for the team and sniff him if that would make them feel better about it as I've got a degree in journalism and an optimum sense of smell...I could easily resolve that little controversy.

(And I know I'm a newbie, so if I got to write it up, I wouldn't need to be first, or even use my wheelchair to take cuts in line.)

But somehow, I felt more comfortable sharing that here than there...show y'all how selfless I am, how willing to do distasteful things for the sake of fandom...ok, even I don't buy that.(grin)
What would you do(or have you done) for fannish love?

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Hi...I'm too old for this, probably... [11 Jul 2009|11:43pm]

but I can't deny that I've recently got hooked on Entourage(he's not the only reason, but he is the prettiest) and I rented "Drive Me Crazy" a few weeks back to see if he was that hot at, like, nineteen or twenty, and, yes, I think so.And I have not written an intro post in a long time so I don't know what else to say, but even in "Devil Wears Prada"I thought "Who's that?"(Maybe that's what Ari meant about the difference between an actor and a movie star?)
I'm a writer and I live in Phoenix.
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Cause there's way to little news here ;) [22 Jun 2009|11:36pm]


A little bit of Amanda Palmer talking about Adrian here at 7x7:

7x7: We recently talked to Michael Franti and The Honey Brothers.

Amanda: Adrian Grenier. He’s a really nice guy. And I’ve been friendly with Michael Franti for years, because we have the same management. He and I, and me and Adrian, and me and Kaki King have all talked about doing things together at Wanderlust. I talked to Adrian and the band about maybe doing a Queen cover. And then Michael and I talked about doing something, and Kaki will probably hop in on my set. That’s one of the things that’s so fun about festivals, is you can just grab each other and do stuff like that. And I kind of have one foot in the yoga world a little bit, and I practice a lot.

And Adrian talking about Wanderlust and the Honey Brothers: "Well, we're big yoga fans."

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[09 Jun 2009|01:18pm]

Joss Stone, Zac Efron, Andrian Grenier, Nathan Kress, Antonio Banderas/Johnny Depp [El/Sands], Vegeta from DBZ, and Zac Efron w/ Kristen Bell.
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
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The Honeybrothers (Adrian's band) on tour... [03 Feb 2009|04:05pm]

Adrian Grenier from "Entourage" is currently on the road with his Band "The Honeybrothers" and playing shows on the East Coast. http://meetthefamous.com/photos-videos/details.php?story=5535
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[20 Jan 2009|01:39pm]

Hey there,
seems this place was abandoned after Adrian dated Miss Hilton ... but I figured I'd give it a shot, seeing as I tried everything.
I'm looking for a place to download A Perfect Fit and A Shot In The Dark - anyone got any idea where to find it?


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[08 Sep 2007|12:55pm]

[ mood | sad ]

omg why are there pictures of adrian hanging out with paris hilton on the beach?

the disgusting truth

i'm so very disappointed in you, adrian.

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Hi, I'm new. I met him last night. [11 Feb 2007|01:22pm]
[ mood | happy ]

I am a big fan of Adrain's, I knew about him from when he did short films and indie stuff way before "Entourage" or any movie he has done lately. I met and hung out with him and his band last night. It was a special showing of short films in a small venue in Brooklyn NY. (one of which he directed which was really good) and a concert by "the honey brothers" his band . I really had a good time, Adrian is such a sweetheart and a very talented artist on many levels. His band is upbeat, fun and GREAT live! On a cold Saturday night in Brooklyn , it was the most fun I have had in a long time! I got some great pictures of THE HONEY BROTHERS live too, and here is a picture of me with adrian. All under the cut:

check it out...Collapse )

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[26 Jan 2007|08:57am]
[ mood | chipper ]

i just needed a place to post this picture of adrian playing guitar hero, taken from his miespacio:

yeow!Collapse )
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[18 Nov 2006|05:14am]

i'm looking for a wallpaper for my computer of just Adrian, ive seen a couple but they werent that great.
thanks loves!
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some of them are nice days [29 Oct 2006|03:03pm]

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Icons ahoy. [08 Oct 2006|01:43am]

I've just discovered the joys of icon making to avoid doing college work =]

30 Adrian Grenier

& the rest can be found here
My icon journal
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[07 Oct 2006|11:14pm]

Hey, just discovered this lovely boy.

8 Adrian icons @ my journal :)
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