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make friends and become one.. =)

get more friends/comments!
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1) Don't post more than once a day! If I see that you're making like, 10 posts a day.. I'll ban you!

2) Don't make friends with someone if you're just going to criticize everything they write. If you talk shit in my community, you'll have to suffer the consequences!

3) Post all pictures behind an LJ cut, because I'll delete your post if you don't. Nobody wants to see your face all over their friends pages.

4) Don't advertise your communities here, or you'll be banned. If you want to advertise your community, then find an advertising community to do so in.

If you'd like to become affiliated communities with mine, send me your button and you can use mine to link me:

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Here are some affiliated communities related to mine. Make sure you check them out:


twistedpleazure (for advertising)

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